Jumpstart Mini-Program

Do you like to work on your own, in small chunks of time?

Would you like some accountability to keep you motivated?

... Then perhaps a Jumpstart is exactly what you need!

In 31 days, you will become more organized, be more efficient in everyday life, and make more progress on your larger goals!

This mini-program runs for 31 days and includes:

  • 31 mini-tasks you can do in 10 minutes or less each day, so you can easily fit a little progress into your already busy life

  • A 30-minute Q&A call halfway through the month so you can receive more tips and support to accomplish your tasks

  • 8 optional longer tasks for the weekends to make even more progress

  • Unlimited e-mail support for 31 days

  • A 30-minute, personalized one-on-one phone call at the end to discuss your success and help you connect the dots on your next steps

Additional Benefits:

  • It's flexible! Mini-tasks can be done any time during the day.

  • You'll become more efficient on a daily basis! Tasks address everyday areas such as paper, kitchen, closets, calendar, etc.

  • You'll feel more in control and less chaotic.

  • You'll make big strides, one small step at a time.

Group Option:

Would you like even more support and accountability? Jumpstart with your friends! Celebrate your success, offer encouragement and cheer each other on! Receive a group discount when 5 or more people sign up together. (Q&A call is a group call and longer.)


Jumpstart Mini-Program: $97/person

Jumpstart Mini-Program Group Discount: $77/person (if more than 5 people sign up together)

A lot can happen in 31 days!

Email Andrea at Andrea@UncomplicatedLiving.com today to start the sign-up process, or contact Andrea to learn more!

Participants' comments:
"Having your support and reminders is exciting because I feel like I have a personal cheerleader and someone who is nicely/positively making me accountable."

"I feel like these tasks are very doable, I didn't feel overwhelmed by having to accomplish a huge task!"

"I got up each day eager to see what my 10 minute task was. They were actually fun!"