Gift Certificate

Do you want to give someone the gift of time?

A Gift Certificate from Uncomplicated Living can give you more time and more energy, and help you be more productive and more organized!

The gift certificate can be used toward one-on-one or virtual services, where we spend time working on an area of your household, office or lifestyle. Here are just a few examples of what we can accomplish together:

  • Clothing closets - so you can easily get dressed every morning

  • Children’s paperwork - so they don't end up in a pile on your counter

  • Family calendars - so you know where everyone needs to be and how to manage the schedules

  • Time management challenges - so you learn how to use your time for your priorities and goals

  • Storage areas - so items are visible and accessible when you need them

  • Offices - so your papers and desk are organized and you are more productive

  • Or, another area of your home, office or life you'd like to be more organized or running more efficiently

For more information, or to purchase one today, email or call 612-670-8964.

Purchase one for yourself, or a friend, today!

Give "me" as a gift to someone who wants to be more organized or productive!