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Fall Promotion

Do you want a productive and enjoyable fall?

The fall season can be a crazy time of year:
  • School's back in session = more activities, homework help, so many papers, tighter meal schedule, etc.
  • Winter is looming = important outdoor projects to do before the weather changes
  • Hectic holiday season's around the corner = only so much time left to complete those projects and achieve your goals before there are even higher demands on your time


I want to help you one-on-one so your fall is
more productive and enjoyable!


Let me help you:

  • Find a place/system for this year's school papers/office papers/mail so they don't sit in a pile until next year
  • Look at how you can be more efficient with your supply shopping, meal planning or household duties so you have more time for homework and hayrides
  • Go through closets and cupboards so you can have a smoother morning routine, or so you're ready for the holidays and house-guests  
  • Develop a plan to help you achieve your fall goals, such as conquering mail/paper piles, going through a storage room, or whatever you want to cross off your list, but perhaps aren't sure where to start
I am offering a special promotion for this fall season  
perfect for your fall needs!

* 4 hours one-on-one hands-on organizing & efficiency consulting! *   
* $247 ($300 value) * 

You deserve some fun this fall, too! 
  • Buy as many 4-hour sessions as you'd like!
  • All sessions must be purchased by October 31, 2013, but sessions can be used any time between now and November 23, 2013.
  • Call me today at 612-670-8964 to learn more, or to make your appointment!

What's on your
fall to-do list?