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Start 2015 Off Strong

If your goal is to be more organized or productive this year, I'd like to work with you to make that a success!

I'd like to partner with you so you:
  • Understand the best way to approach that overwhelming project
  • Avoid being buried by an avalanche of stuff when you open that one closet
  • Have accountability and support on your goals
  • Become more efficient in your everyday life and have more free time
  • Have a more productive and enjoyable 2015
Together we can...

...Work In-Person
* Work with me one-on-one for hands-on organizing and consulting
* Perfect if you want faster progress and immediate results
* Special 3-hour session, includes tips to lay out your next steps
* Price: $225

...Work Virtually

* Work with me via phone appointments and emails
* Perfect if you like to work independently and at your own pace
* 30-day program, includes weekly phone calls to discuss assignments that keep you on task
* Price: $199

...Talk Briefly
* Talk with me during a 30-minute Calm Your Chaos Phone Session, and receive a tip or two that can get you going in the right direction
* Perfect if you are just looking for advice on where to start
* Price: FREE

Which course is right for you?

Choose one of these opportunities by the end of January, and also receive a 2015 Success Kit full of extra organizing tools and tips!  Sessions can be scheduled after January if preferred.

If you're all set right now, but know someone who'd like some support to succeed, tell them about these opportunities so they have a strong start to the new year!

Give Andrea a call today at 612-670-8964 or email her at Andrea@UncomplicatedLiving.com to find out which opportunity is perfect to help you Start 2015 Off Strong!

If you're looking to work in tandem with me on your organizational projects, you're in the right place!

(If you're looking for a skiing partner, you will want to look elsewhere, unless you're looking to hear a funny story about my first skiing experience!)