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Spring Surprise Promotion

The first day of spring has finally arrived!  Are you as excited as I am?

Did this past winter do a number on you?  Did it feel long and a little depressing, and did it make you feel like doing nothing on your to-do list?  You're not alone! 

But now that the seasons are changing, it's time to spring into action!

Let's work together this spring! You might be surprised...

... by what you find!

  • Oops, I forgot I bought that! (a Christmas present tucked away in a closet)
  • I didn't even know I had this! (cash in an old birthday card)
  • I've been looking for that for weeks! (a specific piece of paper)

... by how much we can get done together!

  • This would've taken me months to do by myself!
  • That didn't take as long to go through as I thought it would!
  • We're done with this room already?!

What can I help you with this spring?

* Let's pounce on your paper piles and create a new system that grows with you
* Let's clean out your closets and storage areas so opening them is as enjoyable as opening up a window
* Let's refresh your kitchen or mudrooms so they flow more smoothly
* Let's talk meal planning, supply lists, home maintenance, or calendars to help calm your daily chaos
* Let's break down projects so you can make leaps and bounds on your own

Spring Surprise Promotion:

What is it?  My Spring Surprise Promotion is a special 3-hour package that includes bonuses based on your project needs, plus a fun spring surprise!

What are the results?  You'll be surprised by what we can accomplish together!  After 3 hours, you'll be more productive, more organized and more prepared! 

What is the cost?  Your investment is only $225, but the results will continue to save you more money, more time, and more peace of mind down the road!

What else?  You must purchase your package(s) before April 30, but you have until June 21 (the first day of summer) to use them.  You can buy as many 3-hour packages as you'd like, but if you're interested in more than 3 hours, contact me to learn how you can save more and get more extras!

Give me a call at 612-670-8964, and let's talk about what would make your spring flourish!  Or send me an email at andrea@uncomplicatedliving.com and write Spring Surprise in the subject line to get started. 

Have a great spring!