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March Madness

Are you ready for a game-changer?

Whether you call it March Madness or Spring Fever, this is definitely a time of year when we start to feel a little excitement for what's to come: nicer weather, a change of pace, and for some, lots
of basketball games. 

Since I am looking forward to spring, and I am a basketball fan (yes, that's me
shooting - and hopefully making - a basket!), I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you by offering a special March Madness promotion

While I can't help you fill out your tournament bracket, I can help you:
  • Get your paper piles in order so incoming mail is a slam dunk 
  • Manage your time and calendar like a pro 
  • Create a home maintenance game-plan to keep track of important indoor/outdoor tasks  
  • Make progress on that opposing household project    
I'd like to offer you an assist so you win the game against time-consuming issues, overwhelming projects, clutter, and more! 

Since it all begins with the First Four striving to make it to the Final Four ...

March Madness Promotion Just 4 You
4 hours together to get you more organized and efficient

Also included is a *pre-game plan and a **post-game wrap-up!

*The pre-game plan involves a 30-minute phone call strategy session where we can discuss photos you send me, questions you have, what can be done beforehand, etc., so we have a very productive meeting.  **The post-game wrap-up includes a 30-minute phone call session discussing your next steps, suggesting tweaks that might be needed, etc., to address any remaining questions or concerns. (A combined $75 value!) 

Call me at 612-670-8964 to learn more details, or to make your appointment.  The March Madness promotion begins on March 1 and ends on April 8, 2013!  You must purchase the promotion before it ends on April 8, but your appointment time can be later this spring, in either April or May.