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Holiday Special

Do you have a project you want done before the end of the year?

Do you have house-guests coming into town, but need to clean out that guest room first?

Do you want help getting organized and prepared for the holidays?

Don't let the holidays overwhelm you!

Between now and the end of 2014, take advantage of my Holiday Specials!

In-Person Special

* Work with me one-on-one for organizing and/or consulting time.  Together we can accomplish a lot!
* Includes 3-hour session, plus helping you connect the dots on your next steps
* Special price $197!

Virtual Special
* Special 3-week program.
* Includes weekly phone call for 3 weeks, guiding you in the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
* Special price $147

Other options are available based on your needs. Call me at 612-670-8964 to discuss options!

Holiday Specials are only good through the end of 2014!

Happy Holidays!