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Make October a 10!

Are you ready for success and progress in October?

* Do you have a project you want to get done before winter arrives, or before relatives come visit over the holidays? 

* Do you keep putting off a project on your to-do list, like setting your office up for daily productivity and developing a better filing system?

* Do you want to take action on a goal you want to accomplish before 2015 ends?

In honor of my business' 10-year anniversary, I wanted to offer you something special to help you make progress before 2015 ends. Since the holiday season seems to arrive earlier every year, and since October is the 10th month, October is of course the best time to take some action!

During the month of October, I'm offering 2 Anniversary Specials, a 10-Hour One-on-One Package and a 30-day Virtual Program with Bonus 10-minute calls.

These are only available for 10 people, so don't hesitate! Take advantage today! Here are all the details:

10-Hour One-on-One Package
* 10
-hours of one-on-one time with me, working together in your home or office, so you experience immediate results and make faster progress on your areas of concern.

* Unlimited email support in between our 3 work sessions - so you can email quick questions and make progress on your own, instead of waiting until the next appointment.

* Investment: $647

(Must live in the Twin Cities metro area or other charges may apply. Package only available for purchase in October, but work can take place between now and Dec. 31, 2015.)

30-Day Virtual Program, with Bonus 10-minute Calls
* For 30 days you partner with me over the phone and via email
to help you make progress on your goals. You can do the work at your own pace and when your schedule allows.

* 4
phone-call sessions that take place weekly, lasting up to 30 minutes, to discuss your project/tasks and provide you with next steps. You'll also receive an email following each call detailing your assignments and deadlines.

* 4 10-minute bonus calls for added support and time. Bonus calls can add time to current calls, be combined into an additional call, or used sporadically throughout the 30 days.

* Unlimited email support to receive answers, support, or accountability in between calls

* A 15-minute follow-up call after the program ends

* Investment: $197

(Program only available for purchase in October, and must be completed before Dec. 31, 2015.)

How do you purchase one of these take-action-now offers?
Simply call me at 612-670-8964 or email me at Andrea@UncomplicatedLiving.com to get started. We will discuss what you want to accomplish, if we're a good fit, and which offer you'd like to choose. 

Act now - only available for 10 people!

Let's make your October a 10! 


Beautiful things
can happen
in October!