2020 Vision

Develop and Execute Your 2020 Vision Action Plan!

Turn Your Goals Into Reality

What is your vision for 2020? What do you want to accomplish? Where would you like to see yourself 60 days from now?
I want to help you carve out your vision and develop an action plan with simple strategies to help you get there.
Sometimes all it takes is accountability - having a partner to discuss your plan and keep you on track.

Other times you might need support on how to break your large goal into doable steps, tips on how to manage your time better, or suggestions on how to accomplish it faster or easier.
What you need is me.

Imagine if you...
  • Made progress on that project you've been meaning to find time for?
  • Met your deadlines to achieve your goals?
  • Knew exactly where to start and what steps to take with the advice of a professional?
  • Had an accountability partner to keep you on task and on track?
  • Had more time for what's most important to you?
We would work together virtually, which allows you to work at your pace.  You can make progress on your tasks whenever your schedule allows (Ever have an unexpected, available 15-minute period?) and when you have the energy and enthusiasm to make some progress in between sessions.

The 2020 Vision Virtual Program Includes:
  • Initial, personalized phone assessment
  • Individual phone call sessions* to discuss your project/tasks and provide you with your next steps toward your goals (Feel free to email me questions or photos beforehand)
  • An email following each phone call session summarizing your assignments and deadlines
  • Unlimited email support Monday through Friday so you receive answers to your questions between each call
  • Up to 30 minutes of bonus phone time, if you'd prefer to call with quick questions
  • A 30-minute follow-up phone call after the last session
  • Investment: $447
* Phone call sessions are either 8 phone calls that take place weekly, lasting up to 30 minutes, or 4 phone calls that take place every other week, lasting up to 60 minutes, or a combination - based on what best fits your goals, personality and schedule.

Contact Andrea today to start your 2020 Vision!

This special 2020 Vision offer expires Feb. 20, 2020. Your 60-day program can start after this date, but you need to contact Andrea before Feb. 20 to get started in order to receive this special offer.

What's your vision for 2020?

I want to help you succeed!